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Referring Complaint Issues to Other Appropriate State or Federal Agencies   

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The following complaints shall be referred to the specified agencies for appropriate resolution and are not subject to the local and CDE complaint procedures set forth in this chapter unless these procedures are made applicable by separate interagency agreements:

(a) Allegations of child abuse shall be referred to the applicable County Department of Social Services (DSS), Protective Services Division or appropriate law enforcement agency. However, nothing in this section relieves the CDE from investigating complaints pursuant to section 4650(a)(8)(C) herein.

(b) Health and safety complaints regarding a Child Development Program shall be referred to Department of Social Services for licensed facilities, and to the appropriate Child Development regional administrator for licensing-exempt facilities.

(c) Employment discrimination complaints shall be sent to the State Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) pursuant to title 22, CCR, section 98410. The complainant shall be notified by first class mail of any DFEH transferral.

(d) Allegations of fraud shall be referred to the responsible CDE Division Director who may consult with the CDE's Legal, Audits, and Compliance Branch.

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(Amended by Register 2013, No. 38.)