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Chapter 13. School Facilities and Equipment Subchapter 1. School Housing Article 4. Standards, Planning and Approval of School Facilities Planning Guides   

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The latest edition of The Guide for Planning Educational Facilities, published by the Council of Educational Facility Planners, 29 West Woodruff Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43210, may be used as a guide in developing school building plans.

Authority cited:

Education Code 17251(c)

Education Code 33031


Education Code 17251(c)

Renumbering of former section 14034 to section 14033 and renumbering of former section 14035 to new section 14034, including amendment of Note, filed 10-30-2000; operative 10-30-2000 pursuant to Government Code section 11343.4(d) (Register 2000, No. 44).