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Leroy F. Greene Facilities Act of 1998; Modernization Apportionment   

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(a) The board shall release disbursements to school districts with approved applications for modernization, to the extent state funds are available for the state's 60-percent share, and the school district has provided its 40-percent local match. Subject to the availability of funds, the board shall apportion funds to an eligible school district only upon the approval of the project by the Department of General Services pursuant to the Field Act, as defined in Section 17281, including, but not limited to, a project that complies with the Field Act by complying with Section 17280.5, and evidence that the certification by the school district that the required 40-percent matching funds from local sources have been expended by the district for the project, or have been deposited in the county fund or will be expended by the district by the time of completion of the project, and evidence that the district has entered into a binding contract for the completion of that project. If state funds are insufficient to fund all qualifying school districts, the board shall fund all qualifying school districts in the order in which the application for funding was approved by the board.

(b) This section shall apply only to an application that was filed after April 29, 2002.

(Amended by Stats. 2002, Ch. 935, Sec. 10.)


Education Code 17280.5

Education Code 17281