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Chapter 2 Pupils Subchapter 3.75 Standardized Testing and Reporting Program Article 2.5 Golden State Seal Merit Diploma Golden State Seal Merit Diploma   

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For the purposes of the Golden State Seal Merit Diploma

(a) "Demonstration of mastery" or "demonstrate mastery" means earning a scaled score of 370 or above on a California Standards Test (CST), as set forth in Education Code Section 60642.5, or a performance level of recognition, honors, or high honors on a Golden State Examination (GSE).

(b) Mastery must be demonstrated on six separate GSEs or high school level CSTs, not including the Algebra I CST, General Mathematics CST, and Integrated Mathematics 1 CST.

(c) Students may not use both a CST and the GSE in the same course of study to demonstrate mastery of the curriculum under Education Code Section 51452.

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(Added by Register 2004, No. 17)