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Chapter 3 Department of General Services Subchapter 4 Office of Public School Construction Group 1 State Allocation Board Subgroup 5.5 Regulations Relating to the Leroy F. Greene School Facilities Act of 1998: (School Facility Program) Article 12 Joint-Use Project Grant Determination General (Joint-Use Project Funding)   

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A district seeking Joint-Use Project funding pursuant to the provisions of Education Code Section 17077.40, shall complete and file Form SAB 50-07.

If the Joint-Use Project will serve more than one grade configuration or the Joint-Use Project will serve multiple public school sites, the Joint-Use Project eligibility and funding will be determined based on the highest grade level served by the facility.

Authority cited:

Education Code 17070.35

Education Code 17075.15


Education Code 17077.40

(Amended by Register 2004, No. 21)