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Chapter 3. Department Of General Services Subchapter 4. Office Of Public School Construction Subgroup 3.5. Regulations Relating To Surplus School Property; Use Of Proceeds   

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For the purpose of the provisions of Education Code Section 17462, the terms set forth below shall have the following meanings, subject to the provisions of the Act:

"One-time Expenditures" means costs paid by the general funds of a school district that are nonrecurring in nature and do not commit the school district to incur costs in the future, and are exclusive of Ongoing Expenditures.

"Ongoing Expenditures" means costs paid by the general or special funds of a school district in support of employee salaries, benefits and other costs that are associated with ongoing and sustained operations and services except, if approved by the State Allocation Board, a single and one-time payment reducing a district's existing unfunded liability for postemployment benefits other than pensions will be considered a one-time expenditure and not an ongoing expenditure if the following conditions are also met: (1) the unfunded liability was incurred prior to January 1, 2007, (2) the unfunded liability has been determined using actuarial measurement methods as defined in Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement 45, and (3) the payment is consistent with any plan made by the district according to Assembly Bill 1802, Chapter 79, Section 43(a)(6)(A), Statutes of 2006 (Committee on Budget), as amended by Senate Bill 1131, Chapter 371, Statutes of 2006 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review), or a similar plan adopted by the district's governing board.

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Education Code 17462

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