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Chapter 12. Compensatory Education.Subchapter 13. Supplemental Educational Services.Enrolling Students.   

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(a) An LEA may not prohibit or limit an approved provider from promoting its program or the general availability of SES to members of the community. An approved provider may distribute the LEA's enrollment form to the parent or guardian of a student enrolled in a school offering SES and submit completed forms to the LEA within two business days.

(b) Incentives provided to students by an approved provider and/or its subcontractors shall be limited to those educational materials and tools that support the delivery of the SES.

(1) The incentives shall not exceed a monetary value of $50 per student per fiscal year.

(2) The limitation of the $50 value shall not apply to computers or other technical equipment used as the primary instructional tool for the delivery of SES and given to a student after he or she completes the basic program.

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Education Code 33031

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