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Chapter 3. Guidelines for Implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act Article 2. General Responsibilities Public Agency Implementing Procedures.   

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(a) Each public agency shall adopt objectives, criteria, and specific procedures consistent with CEQA and these Guidelines for administering its responsibilities under CEQA, including the orderly evaluation of projects and preparation of environmental documents. The implementing procedures should contain at least provisions for:

(1) Identifying the activities that are exempt from CEQA. These procedures should contain:

(A) Provisions for evaluating a proposed activity to determine if there is no possibility that the activity may have a significant effect on the environment.

(B) A list of projects or permits over which the public agency has only ministerial authority.

(C) A list of specific activities which the public agency has found to be within the categorical exemptions established by these guidelines.

(2) Conducting initial studies.

(3) Preparing negative declarations.

(4) Preparing draft and final EIRs.

(5) Consulting with and obtaining comments from other public agencies and members of the public with regard to the environmental effects of projects.

(6) Assuring adequate opportunity and time for public review and comment on the Draft EIR or Negative Declaration.

(7) Evaluating and responding to comments received on environmental documents.

(8) Assigning responsibility for determining the adequacy of an EIR or negative declaration.

(9) Reviewing and considering environmental documents by the person or decision making body who will approve or disapprove a project.

(10) Filing documents required or authorized by CEQA and these Guidelines.

(11) Providing adequate comments on environmental documents which are submitted to the public agency for review.

(12) Assigning responsibility for specific functions to particular units of the public agency.

(13) Providing time periods for performing functions under CEQA.

(b) Any district, including a school district, need not adopt objectives, criteria, and procedures of its own if it uses the objectives, criteria, and procedures of another public agency whose boundaries are coterminous with or entirely encompass the district.

(c) Public agencies should revise their implementing procedures to conform to amendments to these guidelines within 120 days after the effective date of the amendments. During the period while the public agency is revising its procedures, the agency must conform to any statutory changes in the California Environmental Quality Act that have become effective regardless of whether the public agency has revised its formally adopted procedures to conform to the statutory changes.

(d) In adopting procedures to implement CEQA, a public agency may adopt the State CEQA Guidelines through incorporation by reference. The agency may then adopt only those specific procedures or provisions described in subsection (a) which are necessary to tailor the general provisions of the guidelines to the specific operations of the agency. A public agency may also choose to adopt a complete set of procedures identifying in one document all the necessary requirements.

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