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Chapter 3. Guidelines for Implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act Article 2. General Responsibilities Office of Planning and Research (OPR).   

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(a) From time to time OPR shall review the State CEQA Guidelines and shall make recommendations for amendments to the Secretary for Resources.

(b) OPR shall receive and evaluate proposals for adoption, amendment, or repeal of categorical exemptions and shall make recommendations on the proposals to the Secretary for Resources. People making suggestions concerning categorical exemptions shall submit their recommendations to OPR with supporting information to show that the class of projects in the proposal either will or will not have a significant effect on the environment.

(c) The State Clearinghouse in the Office of Planning and Research shall be responsible for distributing environmental documents to State agencies, departments, boards, and commissions for review and comment.

(d) Upon request of a Lead Agency or a project applicant, OPR shall provide assistance in identifying the various responsible agencies and any federal agencies which have responsibility for carrying out or approving a proposed project.

(e) OPR shall ensure that state responsible agencies provide the necessary information to lead agencies in response to notices of preparation within at most 30 days after receiving a notice of preparation.

(f) OPR shall resolve disputes as to which agency is the lead agency for a project.

(g) OPR shall receive and file all notices of completion, determination, and exemption.

(h) OPR shall establish and maintain a database for the collection, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of notices of exemption, notices of preparation, notices of determination, and notices of completion provided to the office. This database of notice information shall be available through the Internet.

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