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Chapter 3. Guidelines for Implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act Article 6. Negative Declaration Process Substitution of Mitigation Measures in a Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration.   

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(a) As a result of the public review process for a proposed mitigated negative declaration, including any administrative decisions or public hearings conducted on the project prior to its approval, the lead agency may conclude that certain mitigation measures identified in the mitigated negative declaration are infeasible or otherwise undesirable. Prior to approving the project, the lead agency may, in accordance with this section, delete those mitigation measures and substitute for them other measures which the lead agency determines are equivalent or more effective.

(b) Prior to deleting and substituting for a mitigation measure, the lead agency shall do both of the following:

(1) Hold a public hearing on the matter. Where a public hearing is to be held in order to consider the project, the public hearing required by this section may be combined with that hearing. Where no public hearing would otherwise be held to consider the project, then a public hearing shall be required before a mitigation measure may be deleted and a new measure adopted in its place.

(2) Adopt a written finding that the new measure is equivalent or more effective in mitigating or avoiding potential significant effects and that it in itself will not cause any potentially significant effect on the environment.

(c) No recirculation of the proposed mitigated negative declaration pursuant to Section 15072 is required where the new mitigation measures are made conditions of, or are otherwise incorporated into, project approval in accordance with this section.

(d) "Equivalent or more effective" means that the new measure will avoid or reduce the significant effect to at least the same degree as, or to a greater degree than, the original measure and will create no more adverse effect of its own than would have the original measure.

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(Amended by Register 2005, No. 40.)