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Chapter 3. Guidelines for Implementation of the California Environmental Quality Act Article 7. EIR Process Notice of Completion.   

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(a) As soon as the draft EIR is completed, a notice of completion must be filed with the Office of Planning and Research in a printed hard copy or in electronic form on a diskette or by electronic mail transmission.

(b) The notice of completion shall include:

(1) A brief description of the project,

(2) The proposed location of the project (either by street address and cross street, for a project in an urbanized area, or by attaching a specific map, preferably a copy of a U.S.G.S. 15' or 7-1/2' topographical map identified by quadrangle name).

(3) An address where copies of the draft EIR are available, and

(4) The review period during which comments will be received on the draft EIR.

(c) A sample form for the notice of completion is included in Appendix L.

(d) Where the EIR will be reviewed through the state review process handled by the State Clearinghouse, the notice of completion cover form required by the State Clearinghouse will serve as the notice of completion (see Appendix C).

(e) Public agencies are encouraged to make copies of notices of completion filed pursuant to this section available in electronic format on the Internet.

Authority cited:

Public Resources Code 21083


Public Resources Code 21161

(Amended by Register 2005, No. 40.)