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School-Based Program Coordination   

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Cautionary Notice: As added and amended by SBX3 4 (Ch. 12, Third Extraordinary Session, Statutes of 2009) and ABX4 2 (Ch. 2, Fourth Extraordinary Session, Statutes of 2009), Education Code 42605 grants districts flexibility in "Tier 3" categorical programs. The Westwood Unified School District has accepted this flexibility and thus is deemed in compliance with the statutory or regulatory program and funding requirements for these programs for the 2008-09 through 2012-13 fiscal years. As a result, the district may temporarily suspend certain provisions of the following policy or regulation that reflect these requirements. For further information, please contact the Superintendent or designee.

The Superintendent/Principal or designee shall provide information about the School-Based Program Coordination Act to each principal. Each principal shall provide this information to teachers, other school personnel, parents/guardians, and secondary students. (Education Code 52852.5)

Categorical funds coordinated under this program may include funding for: (Education Code 52851)

1. Conservation Education (Education Code 8750-8754)

(cf. 6142.5 - Environmental Education)

2. New Careers Program (Education Code 44520-44534)

(cf. 4112.21 - District Interns)

3. Education Technology (Education Code 51870-51874)

(cf. 0440 - District Technology Plan)

4. Gifted and Talented Education Program (Education Code 52200-52212)

(cf. 6172 - Gifted and Talented Student Program)

5. California Regional Career Guidance Centers (Education Code 52340-52346)

(cf. 6178 - Career Technical Education)

6. Educationally Disadvantaged Youth Programs (Education Code 54000-54028)

(cf. 5149 - At-Risk Students)

7. Miller-Unruh Basic Reading Act (Education Code 54100-54145)

(cf. 6142.91 - Reading/Language Arts Instruction)

8. Special Education (Education Code 56000-56867)

(cf. 0430 - Comprehensive Local Plan for Special Education)

9. California Cadet Corps (Military and Veterans Code 500-520.1)

Funds coordinated under this program shall be used to supplement, not supplant, existing state and local appropriations. (Education Code 52852.5)

Any school participating in school-based program coordination shall not be required to meet any state laws or regulations for any coordinated program listed above, except as specifically provided under the School-Based Program Coordination Act. (Education Code 52851)


approved: May 21, 2008 Westwood, California