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Woodlake Unified School District |  AR  6118  Instruction

Inclement Weather/Smog   

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Smog Episodes

Restriction of physical activities in school during declared air pollution school and health warning episodes will be implemented in accordance with the following:

1. Transmission of information to school regarding air pollution will be as follows:

a. Notification of an alert condition from the Air Resources Pollution Control District to the Office of the Director of Health Services.

b. The Director of Health Services will notify the central administrative offices of the district.

c. Upon receipt of the information, a priority message will be dispatched to the schools and all departments by telephone.

d. Upon receipt of a notification that a smog episode has been declared, each school administrator shall be responsible for notifying all students and staff members present at his/her plan that an episode has been declared.

2. Action to be taken by the school administrator during an episode:

a. Stage 1 (.15 parts per million) - Any person with special health problems shall follow the precautions recommended by his/her physician and shall refrain from all strenuous activities.

Strenuous physical activities for all students shall be discontinued. All activities should be modified to a lesser degree; i.e., running to walking; athletic contests shall be rescheduled; practice and recreational activities before 6 p.m. shall be cancelled. All employees shall limit their outdoor physical activities except for emergency response.

b. Stage 2 (.35 parts per million) - In addition to the restrictions stated under stage 1, all elementary and secondary students shall be required to remain inside except for normal passing and lunch periods.

c. Stage 3 (.50 parts per million for one hour and predicted to persist for one additional hour - as required by air pollution regulations) - Schools and all district services will be closed. The district will notify news media of action taken.


In the event that fog conditions constitute a safety hazard in the operation of district and contract buses, bus schedules shall be modified accordingly.

A reminder of foggy day schedules and procedures will be sent to all principals and department heads by the Director of Transportation annually during the month of September.



approved: April 15, 1998 Woodlake, California