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Indicators Of Program Effectiveness   

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Evaluation of Services to Compensatory Education Program Students

Effectiveness of the program will be measured against the following criteria:

1. Students who scored below 50 NCE on the standardized test (SAT9, SABE, etc.) will show results of 2-5 NCE's growth annually as measured by total math, total reading and total language assessment results.

2. A minimum of 70% of the compensatory education students will be expected to score at or above grade level on the district criterion reference test for math (TBD) and SFA test for reading if they have been enrolled in the programs since grade K-1.

Evaluation of Miller-Unruh Reading Program Students

1. By the end of third grade, a minimum of 70% of all students participating in the Miller-Unruh program (grades 1-3) will attain scores at or above grade level on the SFA/SAT 9/or SABE reading test.

Evaluation of Services to LEP Students

English Language Development Student Performance

1. A minimum of 70% of the primary level students (grades 1-3) will show at least 1 level of BSM growth (Satisfactory Progress) or better in their entry grade level of English Language Development as measured by their final report card of each school year.

2. A minimum of 70% of each school's limited English proficient students at grade 4 and above will maintain a grade of "C" or better in their diagnosed level of English Language Development as measured by their final report card of each school year.

Academic Achievement Student Performance

1. Limited English proficient students in grades 4-8 will have an average total score of 40 NCE's on standardized tests which measure student performance in reading and mathematics. Spanish-speaking students diagnosed to need primary language instruction will be assessed using an appropriate standardized test. Students receiving specially designed academic instruction in English will be assessed using the SAT9 test.

Evaluation of California Professional Development Program

1. Each site shall annually submit to the board a report summarizing the relationship between WASC recommendations, the site expenditure of program funds, and the outcomes.

2. Each school shall provide an annual evaluation which indicates the extent to which the school has accomplished or made significant progress toward achieving its school improvement or professional development goals as detailed in the school plan. The Staff Development Committee or Professional Development committee at each site is responsible for assessing the effectiveness of its staff development program. The report must include a summary of: the school's expected goals and outcomes and whether these have been achieved; assessment of staff satisfaction with training; and staff perception of the effectiveness of the training in positively impacting student performance.

Evaluation of Title VI

Instructional and Educational Materials

Each site purchasing computer software and/or hardware shall annually submit a report listing the new items purchased, detailing which areas of the curriculum they support, information on the use of software and/or hardware purchased, and a summary of teacher and/or student outcomes attributed to utilization of the new software and/or hardware.



approved: April 15, 1998 Woodlake, California