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Homework/Makeup Work   

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Work Missed or Not Turned in Due to an Absence

Work missed or not turned in on the due date because of an absence shall be made up or turned in according to the following guidelines:

1. For daily work and tests/quizzes: Students will have one day for each day missed in which to turn in absentee homework or work assigned in class or to take the missed test/quiz.

2. Projects, major assignments, or unit tests which were assigned at least one week prior to the due date: Are due or are to be taken or handed in, on the first day back after an absence, or a date mutually agreed upon by the student and teacher, or the teacher may assign a similar project/assignment of equal weight or give a similar test of equal weight which the student shall have a reasonable time, typically two days for each day of absence, to complete.

Credit for late work that exceeds the above guidelines will be left to the teacher's discretion.


approved: May 10, 2017 Woodlake, California