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Transitional Kindergarten   

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Enrollment Criteria

Education Code

EdCode 48000(c) states the age requirement for enrollment in transitional kindergarten is a child that is 5 years of age between September 2nd and December 2nd.

The enactment of AB 104 has amended this section of the education code. This legislation allows for early admission enrollment as long as a student turns 5 years of age prior to the end of the school year.

Early Admission to Transitional Kindergarten

Woodlake Unified School District believes early admission to transitional kindergarten may be appropriate for some students. The following procedures are in place to offer academic opportunities for students who may be ready for early entry while at the same time maintaining a rigorous program for the students meeting the state guidelines for regular entry to TK and Kindergarten.

Students being considered are on a case-by-case basis. A student may be eligible for early admission to Transitional Kindergarten (TK) if all of the following conditions are met:

1. The student turns 5 years of age prior to the end of the school year, and

2. Early admission to Transitional Kindergarten is in the best interest of the student. This determination is to be based on a review of information and data that indicates the student is prepared to successfully enter the first year of kindergarten. Such information and data may include but are not limited to, preschool experience, recommendation from current/previous teacher, interview of the student, and commitment from parent/guardian to provide support needed for success in transitional kindergarten, and

3. It is especially important that each student's academic achievement, social/emotional maturity and physical development be carefully considered, and

4. The child has attended preschool for a long enough time to enable school personnel to evaluate the child's ability


adopted: January 15, 2020 Woodlake, California