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Solicitation and Sales by Charitable Organizations   

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(a) The Legislature finds that there exists in the area of solicitations and sales solicitations for charitable purposes a condition which has worked fraud, deceit and imposition upon the people of the state which existing legal remedies are inadequate to correct. Many solicitations or sales solicitations for charitable purposes have involved situations where funds are solicited from the citizens of this state for charitable purposes, but an insignificant amount, if any, of the money solicited and collected actually is received by any charity. The charitable solicitation industry has a significant impact upon the well-being of the people of this state. The provisions of this article relating to solicitations and sale solicitations for charitable purposes are, therefore, necessary for the public welfare.

(b) The Legislature declares that the purpose of this article is to safeguard the public against fraud, deceit and imposition, and to foster and encourage fair solicitations and sales solicitations for charitable purposes, wherein the person from whom the money is being solicited will know what portion of the money will actually be utilized for charitable purposes. This article will promote legitimate solicitations and sales solicitation for charitable purposes and restrict harmful solicitation methods, thus the people of this state will not be misled into giving solicitors a substantial amount of money which may not in fact be used for charitable purposes.

(Amended by Stats. 1980, Ch. 1267, Sec. 1.)