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Article 3. Administrator Training and Evaluation   

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The Legislature recognizes that the principal plays a pivotal role in the life of a school. Research indicates that at schools where pupil achievement is higher than might be expected, principals provide strong leadership and support. Teachers at these schools report that their principals facilitate innovation, support teachers in efforts to promote new ideas, and assist staff to acquire needed skills and materials. Other studies show that the principal is the most effective agent for bringing about educational improvement.

The Legislature further recognizes that although principal leadership is essential to effective instruction, research shows that many principals are neither prepared nor encouraged to be educational leaders. According to principals and others, administrator training does not always match responsibilities of the job, and opportunities for continuing development are inadequate.

The Legislature, by the provisions of this article, intends to provide site and central district administrators ongoing opportunities to improve their management and leadership skills. The Legislature intends that administrator support and development activities funded by this article will result in direct improvements in services to California public school pupils. The Legislature further intends that current funding for duplicative educational programs be redirected to fund the provisions of this article.

It is also the intention of the Legislature to enhance the desirability of teaching as a profession by promoting a school environment that facilitates a constructive working relationship between teachers and administrators.

(Amended by Stats. 1986, Ch. 363, Sec. 1.)