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Article 2. Gates to School Grounds   

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The governing board of every school district, and the governing authority of every private school, which maintains any building used for the instruction or housing of school pupils on land entirely enclosed (except for building walls) by fences or walls, shall, through cooperation with the local law enforcement and fire protection agencies having jurisdiction of the area, make provision for the erection of gates in such fences or walls. The gates shall be of sufficient size to permit the entrance of the ambulances, police equipment, and firefighting apparatus, used by the law enforcement and fire protection agencies. There shall be no less than one such access gate and there shall be as many such gates as needed to assure access to all major building and grounds areas. If such gates are to be equipped with locks, the locking devices shall be designed to permit ready entrance by the use of the chain or bolt cutting devices with which the local law enforcement and fire protection agencies may be equipped.

(Amended by Stats. 1981, Ch. 470, Sec. 28.)