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The following definitions govern the interpretation of this article:

(a) "Educational agency" means any school district, county office of education, or campus of the California State University and Colleges.

(b) "Paper recycling program" means, (1) the provision of specially marked containers which are intended to receive either all grades or only some grades of postconsumer wastepaper but which are not intended to receive other forms of postconsumer waste, (2) publicity directed at all persons who frequent buildings with the containers encouraging those persons to deposit wastepaper in the containers, and (3) the collection of all paper deposited in the containers for the purpose of recycling.

(c) "Postconsumer waste" means a finished material which would normally be disposed of as solid waste, having completed its life cycle as a consumer item.

(d) "Recycled paper" means all paper and woodpulp products with not less than 50 percent of its total weight consisting of secondary and postconsumer waste and with not less than 10 percent of its total weight consisting of postconsumer waste.

(e) "Secondary waste" means fragments of products or finished products of a manufacturing process which has converted a virgin resource into a commodity of real economic value, and includes postconsumer waste, but does not include mill broke, wood slabs, chips, sawdust, or other wood residue from a manufacturing process.

(Amended by Stats. 1990, Ch. 1372, Sec. 183.)