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Violations of Article as misdemeanor   

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Any person who willfully or through culpable negligence violates any of the provisions of this article is guilty of a misdemeanor. It is also unlawful for any person:

(a) Willfully by himself or in cooperation with another person to defeat, deceive, or obstruct any person with respect to his right of examination, application, or employment under this article or commission rule.

(b) Willfully and falsely to mark, grade, estimate, or report upon the examination or proper standing of any person examined or certified under this article or commission rule, or to aid in so doing, or make any false representation concerning the same or the person examined.

(c) Willfully to furnish to any person any special or secret information regarding contents of an examination for the purpose of either improving or injuring the prospects or chances of any person examined, or to be examined under this article or commission rule.

(Enacted by Stats. 1976, Ch. 1010.)