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Instructional aides   

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(a) No person shall be initially assigned to assist in instruction as an instructional aide unless the person has demonstrated proficiency in basic reading, writing, and mathematics skills pursuant to Section 45330.

(b) A school district may charge prospective aides taking the district's proficiency test a fee to fund the costs incurred by the district in giving the test. This fee may be subject to negotiation between the district and the exclusive representative of instructional aides, but in no event shall the fee exceed seven dollars ($7).

(c) An instructional aide who passes a district proficiency test as required by this section, transfers to another district, and is employed in the same capacity shall be considered to have met the proficiency standards for purposes of this section unless the district to which he or she has transferred determines that the test taken by the aide is not comparable to the standards required by the employing district.

(Amended by Stats. 2002, Ch. 1080, Sec. 3.)


Education Code 45330