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Plan for county run community schools   

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Each county superintendent of schools in counties that operate community schools pursuant to Section 1980, in conjunction with superintendents of the school districts within the county, shall develop a plan for providing education services to all expelled pupils in that county. The plan shall be adopted by the governing board of each school district within the county and by the county board of education.

The plan shall enumerate existing educational alternatives for expelled pupils, identify gaps in educational services to expelled pupils, and strategies for filling those service gaps. The plan shall also identify alternative placements for pupils who are expelled and placed in district community day school programs, but who fail to meet the terms and conditions of their rehabilitation plan or who pose a danger to other district pupils, as determined by the governing board.

Each county superintendent of schools, in conjunction with the superintendents of the school districts, shall submit to the Superintendent of Public Instruction the county plan for providing educational services to all expelled pupils in the county no later than June 30, 1997, and shall submit a triennial update to the plan to the Superintendent of Public Instruction, including the outcome data pursuant to Section 48916.1, on June 30th thereafter.

(Added by Stats. 1995, Ch. 974, Sec. 8.)