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Teen court or peer court   

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(a) For purposes of subdivision (b) of Section 51220, "instruction in our American legal system, the operation of the juvenile and adult criminal justice systems, and the rights and duties of citizens under the criminal and civil law and the State and Federal Constitutions" may include participation in a teen court or peer court program as described in subdivision (b).

(b) A teen court or peer court program shall include each of the following components:

(1) Adjudicates nonviolent misdemeanor offenses committed by pupils in which both the defendant and the defendant's parents agree to participate in the teen court or peer court proceedings and agree to abide by the teen court's or peer court's ruling.

(2) Uses other pupils as jurors, district attorney, counsel for the defense, bailiff, and court clerk.

(3) Operates in cooperation with the court, probation department, district attorney, and public defender.

(Added by Stats. 1994, Ch. 607, Sec. 1.)