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Adult Education   

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(a) The Superintendent may approve school district plans for adult education innovation and alternative instructional delivery. School districts making an application under this section shall demonstrate how the needs of adults will be addressed by programs, including, but not limited to:

(1) Worksite adult basic education skills instruction.

(2) Distance learning, as defined in Section 51865.

(3) Home-based and community-based independent study approaches using instructional technologies.

(4) Tests of alternative reimbursement approaches other than average daily attendance to determine whether they are reasonable and feasible, to the extent that there is no decrease in the number of students served nor an increase in cost to the state.

(b) School districts approved to implement demonstration programs under this section may claim and expend up to 5 percent of their adult block entitlement for implementation of approved programs.

(c) In addition to subdivision (b), a school district may claim and expend more than 5 percent, but no more than 15 percent, of its adult block entitlement if the program is approved by the Superintendent pursuant to subdivision (a).

(1) The Superintendent shall not approve a claim for a program pursuant to this subdivision unless the school district maintains the following accountability mechanisms for the program that may be verified through annual audits:

(A) The school district maintains documentation of the hours of student attendance required for apportionment purposes.

(B) Instructional resources are available to students.

(C) Measurement of academic gains in knowledge and skills may be determined.

(D) Student-to-teacher ratios for each course offered do not exceed the average statewide ratio for similar adult education programs.

(2) An application for adult education innovation and alternative instructional delivery shall include, but is not necessarily limited to, all of the following information for each course:

(A) How contact between students and teachers, including manner, frequency, and rules for submission and review of student work, is accomplished, including, but not necessarily limited to, the form of contract to be used between students and the teacher of record.

(B) Methods of maintaining course and student data that document instructional time to ensure that claimed units of average daily attendance are based on the equivalent of 525 hours of student attendance under the supervision of the teacher of record, that shall include the manner in which the school district does all of the following:

(i) Determines beginning and ending dates of course enrollments.

(ii) Documents student-teacher meeting time.

(iii) Documents the value of student work that is not accomplished in the presence of the teacher of record.

(C) The specific instructional resources that are available to students to complete course requirements, and how those resources are provided and accessed.

(D) The methods of assessing the academic gains of each student, including pre- and post-test systems.

(E) The number of students assigned to each teacher of record, and how the planned student-to-teacher ratio will be maintained for open entry and exit course scheduling.

(d) School districts implementing programs under this section shall report expenditures to the Superintendent in an annual fiscal report, as specified in regulations adopted by the Superintendent. Funds reported under this section and approved by the Superintendent shall continue to be allocated as part of the district's adult block entitlement in subsequent fiscal years.

(e) The Superintendent shall adopt rules and regulations for the administration of this section to include:

(1) Allowable expenditures.

(2) The range of expenditures per pupil enrolled in the program.

(3) Reporting requirements.

(4) Program evaluation.

(Amended by Stats. 2008, Ch. 655, Sec. 1.)


Education Code 51865