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Contract with hospital for services   

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(a) In addition to the continuum of program options listed in Section 56361, a local educational agency may contract with a hospital to provide designated instruction and services, as defined in subdivision (b) of Section 56363, required by the individual with exceptional needs, as specified in the individualized education program. However, a local educational agency shall not contract with a sectarian hospital for instructional services. A local educational agency shall contract with a hospital for designated instruction and services required by the individual with exceptional needs only when no appropriate public education program is available.

For purposes of this section, "hospital" means a health care facility licensed by the State Department of Health Care Services.

(b) Contracts with hospitals pursuant to subdivision (a) shall be subject to the procedures prescribed in Sections 56365, 56366, and 56366.5.

(Amended by Stats. 2007, Ch. 56, Sec. 55.)


Education Code 56361

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