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Tort Liability Under Agreements Between Public Entities   

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As used in this chapter "agreement" means a joint powers agreement entered into pursuant to Chapter 5 (commencing with Section 6500) of Division 7 of Title 1 of the Government Code, an agreement to transfer the functions of a public entity or an employee thereof to another public entity pursuant to Part 2 (commencing with 51300) of Division 1 of Title 5 of the Government Code, and any other agreement under which a public entity undertakes to perform any function, service or act with or for any other public entity or employee thereof with its consent, whether such agreement is expressed by resolution contract, ordinance or in any other manner provided by law; but "agreement" does not include an agreement between public entities which is designed to implement the disbursement or subvention of public funds from one of the public entities to the other, whether or not is provides standards or controls governing the expenditure of such funds.

(Added by Stats. 1963, Ch. 1681.)