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Air quality   

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(a) Subject to the powers and duties of the state board, the districts shall adopt and enforce rules and regulations to achieve and maintain the state and federal ambient air quality standards in all areas affected by emission sources under their jurisdiction, and shall enforce all applicable provisions of state and federal law.

(b) The district rules and regulations may, and at the request of the state board shall, provide for the prevention and abatement of air pollution episodes which, at intervals, cause discomfort or health risks to, or damage to the property of, a significant number of persons or class of persons.

(c) Prior to adopting any rule or regulation to reduce criteria pollutants, a district shall determine that there is a problem that the proposed rule or regulation will alleviate and that the rule or regulation will promote the attainment or maintenance of state or federal ambient air quality standards.

(d) (1) The district rules and regulations shall include a process to approve alternative methods of complying with emission control requirements that provide equivalent emission reductions, emissions monitoring, or recordkeeping.

(2) A district shall allow the implementation of alternative methods of emission reduction, emissions monitoring, or recordkeeping if a facility demonstrates to the satisfaction of the district that those alternative methods will provide equivalent performance. Any alternative method of emission reduction, emissions monitoring, or recordkeeping proposed by the facility shall not violate other provisions of law.

(3) If a district rule specifies an emission limit for a facility or system, the district shall not set operational or effectiveness requirements for any specific emission control equipment operating on a facility or system under that limit. Any alternative method of emission reduction, emissions monitoring, or recordkeeping proposed by the facility shall include the necessary operational and effectiveness measurement elements that can be included as permit conditions by the district to ensure compliance with, and enforcement of, the equivalent performance requirements of paragraphs (1) and (2). Nothing in this subdivision limits the district's authority to inspect a facility's equipment or records to ensure operational compliance. This paragraph shall apply to existing rules and facilities operating under those rules.

(Amended by Stats. 1996, Ch. 442, Sec. 1.)