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Chapter definitions   

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As used in this chapter, with regard to a public school:

(a) An "outsider" is any person other than:

(1) A student of the school; except that a student who is currently suspended from the school shall be deemed an outsider for purposes of this chapter.

(2) A parent or guardian of a student of the school.

(3) An officer or employee of the school district that maintains the school

(4) A public employee whose employment requires him or her to be on school grounds, or any person who is on school grounds at the request of the school.

(5) A representative of a school employee organization who is engaged in activities related to the representation of school employees.

(6) An elected public official.

(7) A person who comes within the provisions of Section 1070 of the Evidence Code by virtue of his or her current employment or occupation.

(b) "School grounds" are the buildings and grounds of the public school

(c) "School hours" extend from one hour before classes begin until one hour after classes end.

(d) "Principal" is the chief administrative officer of the public school.

(e) "Designee" is a person whom the principal has authorized to register outsiders pursuant to this chapter.

(f) "Superintendent" is the superintendent of the school district that maintains the school or a person (other than the principal or someone employed under the principal's supervision) who the superintendent has authorized to conduct hearings pursuant to Section 627.5.

(Added by Stats. 1982, Ch. 76, Sec. 1.)