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The adult probation officer shall be appointed and may be removed for good cause in a county with two superior court judges, by the presiding judge. In the case of a superior court of more than two judges, a majority of the judges shall make the appointment, and may effect removal.

The salary of the probation officer shall be established by the board of supervisors.

The adult probation officer shall appoint and may remove all assistants, deputies and other persons employed in the officer's department, and their compensation shall be established, according to the merit system or civil service system provisions of the county. If no merit system or civil service system exists in the county, the board of supervisors shall provide for appointment, removal, and compensation of such personnel.

This section is applicable in a charter county whose charter establishes the office of adult probation officer and provides that the officer shall be appointed in accordance with general law subject to the merit system provisions of the charter.

(Amended by Stats. 2002, Ch. 784, Sec. 548.)