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Missing persons under 18   

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(a) The Department of Justice shall provide appropriate local reporting agencies with a list of persons still listed as missing who are under 18 years of age, with an appropriate waiver form in order to assist the reporting agency in obtaining a photograph of each of the missing children.

(b) Local reporting agencies shall attempt to obtain the most recent photograph available for persons still listed as missing and forward those photographs to the Department of Justice.

(c) The department shall include these photographs, as they become available, in the quarterly bulletins pursuant to subdivision (c) of Section 14201.

(d) State and local elected officials, agencies, departments, boards, and commissions may enclose in their mailings information regarding missing children or dependent adults obtainable from the Department of Justice or any organization that is recognized as a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization under state or federal law and that has an ongoing missing children program. Elected officials, agency secretaries, and directors of departments, boards, and commissions are urged to develop policies to enclose missing children or dependent adults information in mailings when it will not increase postage costs, and is otherwise deemed appropriate.

(Added by Stats. 1988, Ch. 1456, Sec. 5.)