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Audiological Services   

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(a) In addition to provisions of 34 C.F.R. Section 300.34, audiological instruction and services may include:

(1) Aural rehabilitation (auditory training, speech reading, language habilitation, and speech conservation) and habilitation with individual pupils or groups and support for the hearing-impaired pupils in the regular classroom.

(2) Monitoring hearing levels, auditory behavior, and amplification for all pupils requiring personal or group amplification in the instructional setting.

(3) Planning, organizing, and implementing an audiology program for individuals with auditory dysfunctions, as specified in the IEP.

(4) Consultative services regarding test findings, amplification needs and equipment, otological referrals, home training programs, acoustic treatment of rooms, and coordination of educational services to hearing-impaired individuals.

(b) Audiological services shall be provided only by personnel who possess:

(1) a license in Audiology issued by a licensing agency within the Department of Consumer Affairs; or

(2) a credential authorizing audiology services.

Authority cited:

Education Code 56100

Education Code 56366.1


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(Amended by Register 2014, No. 19.)