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Local Educational Agency (LEA) Compliance. Notice   

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Each LEA shall annually notify in writing, as applicable, its students, employees, parents or guardians of its students, the district advisory committee, school advisory committees, appropriate private school officials or representatives, and other interested parties of their LEA complaint procedures, including the opportunity to appeal to the CDE and the provisions of this chapter. The notice shall include the identity (identities) of the person(s) responsible for processing complaints. The notice shall also advise the recipient of any civil law remedies that may be available under state or federal discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying laws, if applicable, and of the appeal pursuant to Education Code section 262.3. The notice shall also include information regarding the requirements of Education Code sections 49010 through 49013 relating to pupil fees. This notice shall be in English, and when necessary, in the primary language, pursuant to Education Code section 48985, or mode of communication of the recipient of the notice. Copies of LEA complaint procedures shall be available free of charge.

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