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Subchapter 14. School Resource Centers. Article1. School Resource Centers. Definitions.   

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(a) "Staff Development" is ongoing education and training activities which are planned, carried out and evaluated for the purpose of improving the job related skills of principals, teachers, instructional aides, classroom volunteers, and other student support personnel who regularly serve students in kindergarten through grade twelve. Staff development includes training and education in the following areas

(1) Program planning, development, implementation, and evaluation;

(2) Disciplines or bodies of knowledge;

(3) Instructional skills and abilities; and

(4) Human development and counseling skills.

The purpose of staff development is to improve the effectiveness of instruction in order to promote student achievement in a wide variety of basic, academic, personal social, and career skills and competencies.

(b) A "School Resource Center" is a staff development delivery system which is organized to provide the following services to schools, school districts, and county schools offices:

(1) Assist school personnel to conduct an accurate assessment of school staff development needs and to help them to become fully aware of these needs;

(2) Assist with the design of staff development programs which will address assessed needs of schools

(3) Identify and match available staff development resources with the assessed needs of schools

(4) Train key school personnel to deliver training to school groups;

(5) Provide training to individual schools; and

(6) Provide training to individuals or groups of individuals from various schools to meet assessed needs related to their school objectives.

(c) "Training" consists of staff development activities which assure that trainees develop or extend job-related skills and areas of knowledge and understanding and that guided practice or follow-up activities will be used to strongly encourage the successful application of the newly acquired skills and knowledge in the job setting.

(d) "Grantee Agency" is an agreed u on school district or county office of education acting on its own, or on behalf of a consortium which selected it as its representative. The agency shall be responsible for receiving and disbursing funds under this Act.

(e) "Center Personnel" as used in Section 44680.5(b) is limited to the center project director or manager and other full-time professional employees of the center.

Authority Cited:

Education Code 44680.9

(Amended by Register 79, No. 45.)