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Chapter 13. School Facilities and Equipment. Subchapter 1. School Housing. Article 1. General Standards. Minimum Standards.   

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Educational facilities planned by school districts shall be:

(a) Evolved from a statement of educational program requirements which reflects the school district's educational goals and objectives.

(b) Master-planned to provide for maximum site enrollment.

(c) Located on a site which meets California Department of Education standards as specified in Section 14010.

(d) Designed for the environmental comfort and work efficiency of the occupants.

(e) Designed to require a practical minimum of maintenance.

(f) Designed to meet federal, state, and local statutory requirements for structure, fire, and public safety.

(g) Designed and engineered with flexibility to accommodate future needs.

Authority Cited:

39101(b), Education Code. Reference: Section 17717.5, Education Code.

(Amended by Register 93, No. 46.)