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Legal Resources | Code of Federal Regulations, Title 7 |    245.4, 245.004  

Exceptions for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.   

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Because the State agencies of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands provide free meals or milk to all children in schools under their jurisdiction, regardless of the economic need of the child's family, they are not required to make individual eligibility determinations or publicly announce eligibility criteria. Instead, such State agencies may use a statistical survey to determine the number of children eligible for free or reduced price meals and milk on which a percentage factor for the withdrawal of special cash assistance funds will be developed subject to the following conditions:

(a) State agencies shall conduct a statistical survey once every three years in accordance with the standards provided by FCS;

(b) State agencies shall submit the survey design to FCS for approval before proceeding with the survey;

(c) State agencies shall conduct the survey and develop the factor for withdrawal between July 1 and December 31 of the first school year of the three-year period;

(d) State agencies shall submit the results of the survey and the factor for fund withdrawal to FCS for approval before any reimbursement may be received under that factor;

(e) State agencies shall keep all material relating to the conduct of the survey and determination of the factor for fund withdrawal in accordance with the record retention requirements in Sec. 210.8(e)(14) of this chapter;

(f) Until the results of the triennial statistical survey are available, the factor for fund withdrawal will be based on the most recently established percentages. The Department shall make retroactive adjustments to the States' Letter of Credit, if appropriate, for the year of the survey;

(g) If any school in these States wishes to charge a student for meals, the State agency, School Food Authority and school shall comply with all the applicable provisions of this part and parts 210, 215 and 220 of this chapter.

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