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Legal Resources | Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49 |    382.407, 382.407  

Medical review officer notifications to the employer.   

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(a) The medical review officer may report to the employer using any communications device, but in all instances a signed, written notification must be forwarded within three business days of completion of the medical review officer's review, pursuant to part 40 of this title. A legible photocopy of the fourth copy of Part 40 Appendix A subtitled COPY 4--SEND DIRECTLY TO MEDICAL REVIEW OFFICER--DO NOT SEND TO LABORATORY of the Federal Custody and Control Form OMB Number 9999- 0023 may be used to make the signed, written notification to the employer for all test results (positive, negative, canceled, etc.), provided that the controlled substance(s) verified as positive, and the MRO's signature, shall be legibly noted in the remarks section of step 8 of the form completed by the medical review officer. The MRO must sign all verified positive test results. An MRO may sign or rubber stamp negative test results. An MRO's staff may rubber stamp negative test results under written authorization of the MRO. In no event shall an MRO, or his/her staff, use electronic signature technology to comply with this section. All reports, both oral and in writing, from the medical review officer to an employer shall clearly include:

(1) A statement that the controlled substances test being reported was in accordance with part 40 of this title and this part, except for legible photocopies of Copy 4 of the Federal Custody and Control Form;

(2) The full name of the driver for whom the test results are being reported;

(3) The type of test indicated on the custody and control form (i.e. random, post-accident, follow-up);

(4) The date and location of the test collection;

(5) The identities of the persons or entities performing the collection, analyzing the specimens, and serving as the medical review officer for the specific test;

(6) The results of the controlled substances test, positive, negative, test canceled, or test not performed, and if positive, the identity of the controlled substance(s) for which the test was verified positive.

(b) A medical review officer shall report to the employer that the medical review officer has made all reasonable efforts to contact the driver as provided in Sec. 40.33(c) of this title. The employer shall, as soon as practicable, request that the driver contact the medical review officer prior to dispatching the driver or within 24 hours, whichever is earlier.