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Legal Resources | Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49 |    382.411, 382.411  

Employer notifications.   

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(a) An employer shall notify a driver of the results of a pre- employment controlled substance test conducted under this part, if the driver requests such results within 60 calendar days of being notified of the disposition of the employment application. An employer shall notify a driver of the results of random, reasonable suspicion and post- accident tests for controlled substances conducted under this part if the test results are verified positive. The employer shall also inform the driver which controlled substance or substances were verified as positive.

(b) The designated management official shall make reasonable efforts to contact and request each driver who submitted a specimen under the employer's program, regardless of the driver's employment status, to contact and discuss the results of the controlled substances test with a medical review officer who has been unable to contact the driver.

(c) The designated management official shall immediately notify the medical review officer that the driver has been notified to contact the medical review officer within 24 hours.