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Woodlake Unified School District |  AR  4117.5, 4217.5, 4317.5  Personnel

Termination Agreements   

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In accordance with law, cash settlements made upon the termination of a contract shall never exceed an amount equal to the employee's monthly salary multiplied by the number of months, up to 18, in the unexpired term of the contract. This amount is a maximum ceiling, not to be construed as a target amount for settlement agreements. Settlement agreements shall not include noncash items other than health benefits, which the district may offer to continue for the unexpired term up to 18 months or until the employee finds other employment, whichever comes first. Copies of settlement agreements shall be made available upon request, as required by law. (Government Code 53260-53262)

(cf. 4312.1 - Contracts)

In all cases in which an employee's conduct warrants probable cause for the suspension or revocation of the employee's teaching credential, the Superintendent or designee shall report the employee's suspension, termination or resignation to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing as required by law. (Code of Regulations, Title 5, 80311)

(cf. 1340 - Access to District Records)

(cf. 4112.61/4212.61/4312.61 - Employment References)



approved: April 15, 1998 Woodlake, California