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Woodlake Unified School District |  AR  4119.25, 4219.25, 4319.25  Personnel

Political Activities Of Employees   

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District employees shall not use district funds or services, school time, supplies or equipment to urge the passage or defeat of any ballot measure or candidate. (Education Code 7054)

Under no circumstances shall district employees:

1. Solicit or receive any political campaign funds or contributions on school property during working hours

2. Use school equipment for the preparation or reproduction of political campaign materials

3. Post or distribute political campaign materials on school property

4. Disseminate political campaign materials through the district's mail service, e-mail or staff mailboxes

5. Use students to write, address or distribute political campaign materials

6. Present viewpoints on particular candidates or ballot measures in the classroom without giving equal time to the presentation of opposing views

(cf. 6144 - Controversial Issues)

7. Wear buttons or articles of clothing that express political opinions on ballot measures or candidates during elementary school classroom periods

Although employees may not conduct political activities on school property during working hours, they are free to discuss politics and solicit or receive funds or contributions for political purposes outside the employee's working hours, including the lunch period or other scheduled work intermittency during the school day.

Recognized employee organizations and their representatives are also free to solicit or receive political funds or contributions from employee members on district property during nonworking time to promote the support or defeat of any ballot measure. (Education Code 7056)



approved: April 15, 1998 Woodlake, California