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Personal Illness/Injury Leave   

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Every certificated employee working five school days each week is entitled to 10 days personal illness or injury leave of absence per school year with full pay. Such leave for employees working less than five days per week shall be proportionately less. (Education Code 44978)

Sick leave shall be credited at the beginning of the school year. (Education Code 44978) Employees who do not complete a year of service will be charged for any unearned sick leave used as of the date of termination.

Unused days of sick leave shall be accumulated from year to year without limitation. (Education Code 44978)

Employees may use sick leave as provided for in this policy for absences due to pregnancy, miscarriage, childbirth and recovery. (Education Code 44978)

The Superintendent or designee shall establish regulations requiring proof of illness or injuries reported by employees and specifying procedures by which such verification shall be made. (Education Code 44978)

Upon request, employees who terminate their service to the district may have their accumulated sick leave transferred to their next district of employment. (Education Code 44979)

Sick Leave Beyond 10 Days

When a certificated employee has used up all his/her current and accumulated sick leave and is still absent due to illness or accident, the employee shall receive his/her salary, minus the cost of a substitute to fill the position, for a period not to exceed five continuous school months.

Legal Reference:


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adopted: April 15, 1998 Woodlake, California