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School Facilities Improvement Districts   

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The Governing Board desires to provide adequate facilities in order to enhance student learning and to help the district achieve its vision for educating district students.

(cf. 7110 - Facilities Master Plan)

(cf. 7111 - Evaluating Existing Buildings)

(cf. 7210 - Facilities Financing)

The Board has determined that it is necessary and in the best interest of the district to form a school facilities improvement district to finance any or all of the improvements set forth in Education Code 15100 and finds that the overall cost of financing the bonds issued would be less than the overall cost of other school financing options available to the district including, but not limited to, issuing bonds pursuant to the Mello-Roos Community Facilities Act. The Board shall define the boundaries of the school facilities improvement district to include any portion of territory within the jurisdiction of the school district, including the option of including the territory of an existing Mello-Roos community facilities district. (Education Code 15301)

(cf. 7212 - Mello-Roos Districts)

The Superintendent or designee shall establish procedures consistent with Education Code 15100-15262 governing the financing of bonds, bond elections, and the issuance and sale of bonds.

Board Resolution of Intention

The Board may pursue the authorization and issuance of bonds by approval of either 66.67 percent majority or 55 percent majority of the voters within the proposed territory of the school facilities improvement district and shall adopt a resolution of intent to form an improvement district. In order to proceed with an election requiring a 55 percent approval of the voters, two-thirds of the Board shall agree to such an election and the district shall comply with the accountability provisions, including the requirements regarding the citizens' oversight committee, required for 55 percent approval set forth in Education Code 15264-15288. (Education Code 15266)

(cf. 7214 - General Obligation Bonds)

(cf. 9323.3 - Actions by the Board)

The Board's resolution of intention shall state all of the following: (Education Code 15320)

1. The Board's intention to form the proposed school facilities improvement district

2. The purpose for which the proposed district is to be formed

3. The estimated cost of the school facilities improvement project

4. That any taxes levied for financing general obligation bonds issued to finance the project shall be levied exclusively upon the lands in the proposed school facilities improvement district

5. That a map showing the exterior boundaries of the proposed district is on file with the Board and available for public inspection, and that these boundaries meet the requirements of Education Code 15301

6. The time and place for a Board hearing on the formation of the proposed district

7. That any interested persons, including all persons owning lands in the district or in the proposed school facilities improvement district, may appear and be heard at the above hearing

The Board shall hold the hearing as specified in its resolution and may, at the hearing, adopt a resolution proposing modifications of its above-stated purposes. (Education Code 15322, 15323)

Notice of the hearing shall be given by publishing a copy of the resolution of intention in a newspaper of general circulation pursuant to Government Code 6066, starting at least 14 days before the hearing. No other notice shall be required. (Education Code 15321)

When hearings are concluded, the Board may, by resolution, order the formation of a school facilities improvement district with the boundaries described in the resolution. The resolution shall state the estimated cost of carrying out described purposes and shall number and designate the improvement district as specified in Education Code 15326. (Education Code 15326)

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adopted: April 2, 2008 Woodlake, California