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Gross Classroom Inventory   

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The district shall prepare a gross inventory consisting of all classrooms owned or leased in the district or HSAA as appropriate. For the purpose of this gross classroom inventory, the following shall be considered a classroom. Any classroom:

(a) for which a contract was signed for the construction or acquisition of facilities or for which construction work has commenced at the time the SFP application for determination of eligibility is submitted to the OPSC;

(b) constructed with funds from the LPP;

(c) used for Special Day Class or Resource Specialist Programs;

(d) that are standard classrooms, shops, science laboratories, computer laboratories, or computer classrooms;

(e) acquired or created for Class Size Reduction purposes;

(f) used for preschool programs;

(g) converted to any non-classroom purpose including use by others;

(h) with Housing and Community Development or Department of Housing insignia;

(i) acquired for interim housing for a modernization project;

(j) leased or purchased under the State Relocatable Program pursuant to Chapter 14 of Part 10 of the Education Code;

(k) that have a waiver for continued use by the Board for Field Act exemptions;

(l) used for Community School purposes;

(m) included in a closed school.

Authority cited:

Education Code 17070.35


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(Amended by Register 99, No. 41)