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Filing Dates for Annual Statements Filed Pursuant to Conflict of Interest Codes (87302)   

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(a) When a person assumes office or comes under the coverage of a newly effective conflict of interest code between October 1 and December 31 and files an initial Statement of Economic Interests pursuant to the conflict of interest code, that person need not file an annual Statement of Economic Interests until one year following the date specified in the code if the filing deadline for the annual statement is April 1 or earlier.

(b) If a person leaves an office subject to a conflict of interest code between January 1 and the filing deadline for his annual Statement of Economic Interests, the leaving office statement may serve as that person's annual statement, provided that prior to the deadline of the annual statement, the person notifies the filing officer in writing of his intention to follow this procedure.

Authority cited:

Government Code 83112


Government Code 87302

(Amended by Register 78, No. 25)