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School Personnel; Medication   

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(a) On or before June 15, 2001, the State Department of Education shall develop and recommend to the State Board of Education, and the board shall adopt regulations, regarding the administration of medication in the public schools pursuant to Section 49423. These regulations shall be developed in consultation with parents, representatives of the medical and nursing professions, and other individuals jointly designated by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Advisory Commission on Special Education established pursuant to Section 33590, and the Department of Health Services. The Board of Registered Nursing may designate a liaison to consult with the Board of Education in the adoption of these regulations.

(b) Any regulations adopted pursuant to this section shall be limited to addressing a situation where a pupil's parent or legal guardian has initiated a request to have a local educational agency dispense medicine to a pupil, based on the written consent of the pupil's parent or legal guardian, for a specified medicine with a specified dosage, for a specified period of time, as prescribed by a physician or other authorized medical personnel.

(Added by Stat 2000, Ch. 281, Sec. 2)


Education Code 33590

Education Code 49423