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Part A - Indian Education. Subpart 1 - Formula Grants To Local Educational Agencies. Authorized services and activities.   

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(a) General requirements

Each local educational agency that receives a grant under this subpart shall use the grant funds, in a manner consistent with the purpose specified in section 7421 of this title, for services and activities that -

(1) are designed to carry out the comprehensive program of the local educational agency for Indian students, and described in the application of the local educational agency submitted to the Secretary under section 7424(a) of this title;

(2) are designed with special regard for the language and cultural needs of the Indian students; and

(3) supplement and enrich the regular school program of such agency.

(b) Particular activities

The services and activities referred to in subsection (a) of this section may include -

(1) culturally related activities that support the program described in the application submitted by the local educational agency;

(2) early childhood and family programs that emphasize school readiness;

(3) enrichment programs that focus on problem solving and cognitive skills development and directly support the attainment of challenging State academic content and student academic achievement standards;

(4) integrated educational services in combination with other programs that meet the needs of Indian children and their families;

(5) career preparation activities to enable Indian students to participate in programs such as the programs supported by the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 [20 USC 2301 et seq.], including programs for tech-prep education, mentoring, and apprenticeship;

(6) activities to educate individuals concerning substance abuse and to prevent substance abuse;

(7) the acquisition of equipment, but only if the acquisition of the equipment is essential to achieve the purpose described in section 7421 of this title;

(8) activities that promote the incorporation of culturally responsive teaching and learning strategies into the educational program of the local educational agency;

(9) activities that incorporate American Indian and Alaska Native specific curriculum content, consistent with State standards, into the curriculum used by the local educational agency;

(10) family literacy services; and

(11) activities that recognize and support the unique cultural and educational needs of Indian children, and incorporate appropriately qualified tribal elders and seniors.

(c) Schoolwide programs Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a local educational agency may use funds made available to such agency under this subpart to support a schoolwide program under section 6314 of this title if -

(1) the committee established pursuant to section 7424(c)(4) of this title approves the use of the funds for the schoolwide program; and

(2) the schoolwide program is consistent with the purpose described in section 7421 of this title.

(d) Limitation on administrative costs - Not more than 5 percent of the funds provided to a grantee under this subpart for any fiscal year may be used for administrative purposes.

(Public Law 109-270.)