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Average Daily Attendance for Nonclassroom-Based Instruction in Charter Schools.   

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(a) A charter school may receive funding for nonclassroom-based instruction only if a determination of funding is made pursuant to Education Code section 47634.2. A determination of funding is a specific percentage approved by the State Board of Education for each affected charter school by which the charter school's reported nonclassroom-based average daily attendance must be adjusted by the Superintendent of Public Instruction prior to the apportioning of funds based upon that average daily attendance. A determination of funding shall only be approved by the State Board for a charter school if the charter school has submitted a request.

(b) A determination of funding request approved by the State Board of Education shall be 70 percent, unless a greater or lesser percentage is determined appropriate by the State Board of Education in accordance with section 11963.4. In no case shall an approved determination of funding exceed 100 percent.

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(Amended by Register 2005, No. 49.)