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Chapter 3. Department of General Services Subchapter 4. Office of Public School Construction Group 1. State Allocation Board Subgroup 12. State School Deferred Maintenance Article 6. Miscellaneous Duplication of Applications.   

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If the district's application for an extreme hardship grant involves proposed work also included in a SFP modernization project currently included on the SFP Modernization Unfunded List or the OPSC Modernization Workload List, the district must certify that, after reducing the work to be funded with the extreme hardship grant from the SFP modernization project, the cost estimate for the remaining work in the modernization project is at least 60 percent of the total SFP grant amount provided by the state and the district's matching share. The cost estimate may not include planning, tests, inspection or furniture or equipment. If the district cannot make this certification, the SFP modernization project must be withdrawn prior to the release of any extreme hardship grants to the district.

If the district's application for FRP grants or SFP modernization grants involve work currently included on the district's Form SAB 40-20, pursuant to Education Code Section 17591, the district must eliminate the projects that will be funded with the FRP grants or SFP modernization grants from the Form prior to the release of any FRP grants or SFP modernization grants to the district.

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