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Division 2. Department Of Social Services -Department Of Health Services. Subdivision 6. Preventive Medical Services. Chapter 9. Tuberculosis Examination. Article 5. Records. Records As Evidence of Tuberculosis Examination.   

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(a) A certificate, signed by a physician or his/her designee, shall be given to the person tested or to his or her parent or guardian by the physician or by the agency performing the tuberculosis examination which shall contain the following information:

(1) Name of the person.

(2) Birthdate.

(3) Type of skin test administered.

(4) Date of administration of the test.

(5) Date of reading of the test and the test reaction.

(6) Date of the chest X-ray, where required.

(7) A statement that the pupil is free of communicable tuberculosis.

(8) Name of the physician or agency administering the examination.

(b) The certificate shall be shown by the parent, the guardian or the pupil examined to the governing authority at the time of the pupil's first admission.

Authority cited:

Health and Safety Code 208

Health and Safety Code 3409


Health and Safety Code 3407