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Title to Project Facilities.   

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(a) Prior to the release of funds for site acquisition or new construction Final Charter School Apportionments, a charter school that has received a Preliminary Charter School Apportionment must provide one of the following:

(1) Documentary evidence that the school district in which the project is physically located holds title to the project facilities,

(2) Documentary evidence that a local governmental entity holds title pursuant to all of the requirements set forth in Education Code Section 17078.63(a)(2), or

(3) A written request that the charter school be authorized to hold fee simple title to the subject property signed by an authorized charter school representative pursuant to all of requirements set forth in Education Code Section 17078.63(a)(3). The written request must include a statement justifying the reasons why ownership will not be vested with an entity described in (a)(1) and why ownership will not be vested with an entity described in (a)(2). The written request must also include the statement: I certify, as the charter school representative, that the information reported in this document is true and correct.

(b) A charter school may request that a school district transfer title to project facilities to a local governmental entity or the charter school itself if prior to January 1, 2010 the school district entered into an agreement to hold title to the project facilities. The transfer of title shall only take place if the school district and charter school mutually agree to a title transfer. Prior to the transfer of title, the charter school must notify the OPSC in writing that a title transfer request is being made, enter into new Charter School Agreements with the State and a local governmental entity if applicable, and demonstrate that all of the necessary conditions for holding title pursuant to Education Code Section 17078.63 will be complied with. For purposes of title transfer pursuant to Education Code Section 17078.63(b)(1) the charter school shall not be required to provide the written request outlined in section (a)(3) above.

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(Added by Register 2010, No. 41.)